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About Us

National Association of Naval Veterans (NANV), Port 5, is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization that welcomes all branches of the military.  Port 5 has three types of memberships: Veterans, Men's Auxiliary and Women's Auxiliary. If you are interested in becoming a member see our MEMBERSHIP page.

Mission Statement:

Raise awareness of Veteran and Naval affairs. Participate in public functions. Provide a facility for Veterans; meeting hall, Galley/bar and dock. Provide charitable funds to veteran organizations.

Port 5 has an active Color Guard that travels around the state and participates in various military events, parades, funeral and memorial services, school ceremonies and opening ceremonies for sporting events. 

Port 5's meeting hall serves as a location for our membership meetings and special events.  The hall is also available to rent to the general public for events.  See our RENT THE HALL page for more information.  Our Galley provides lunches Monday thru Sunday, dinner on Fridays and serves food for other special events.  The bar is open daily.  See our Galley/BAR page for more information.  The dock is available to members only for fishing and tying up your boat while visiting Port 5.

Port 5 raises funds through hosting dinners, car shows, motorcycle rides, fishing contests, an annual charity golf outing and many other events with food, music and dancing at the Port. Some of the organizations that have received donations from Port 5 include:  Freedom Guide Dogs, Homes for the Brave, Men’s Homeless Shelter, Women’s Homeless Shelter, Veterans Food Bank, Sticks for Soldiers, W.H. Veterans Hospital, Rocky Hill Hospital.

History of Port 5

After the American Civil War, Navy Veterans began forming organizations throughout the United States. One such organization was the Admiral David Farragut, National Association of Naval Veterans, formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1866, becoming Port Number 1.

In subsequent years a total of 41 such organizations were formed, with the National Associations of Naval Veterans, Essex Association, from Salem Massachusetts becoming Port  number 5 on February 26, 1887. 

After World War One, a navy organization known as the Navy Veterans was formed. Their original headquarters was a clubhouse built around 1920 at Lordship Beach, Stratford, Connecticut, after which other locations were occupied within the Bridgeport general area.

Prior to 1933, members of the Navy Veterans, became cognizant of a National Associations of Naval Veterans, Port 5 Essex Association and before long, both organizations began to hold combined meetings. One must note that the year 1933 was at the height of the Great Depression. Many organizations were put upon hard times. Such was the case with the National Associations of Naval Veterans, Port 5 Essex Association. With a dwindling membership they appealed to the Navy Veterans to take over their club charter.

On March 3, 1933 the Navy Veterans acquired the Charter of the National Associations of Naval Veterans Port 5 Essex Association and brought it home to the Bridgeport area. From club rooms on Fairfield Avenue, Park Avenue and Olive Street and in 1949 to the former Soundview Yacht Club, at the foot of Brewster Street and Black Rock Harbor, where the Charter is now displayed.

Port 5 is the last and only active National Association of Naval Veterans in the entire United States, making it one of the oldest service organization dating back to 1887.


"Don't Give Up The Ship"

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